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Promotions FAQs

Do You Accept Competitors' Coupons?
Yes we do. We consider companies competitors if they sell sandtray miniatures and play therapy toys for that expressed purpose. If we know about their coupon code it will already be in our system, and you will just type the code into the coupon code box as you check out. That box will appear at the top of the second page of check out. If the promotion is complicated, further instructions will appear below the coupon code box after you apply the promotion.

If you type a code and it doesn't work, it just means we don't know about the offer. Just email the coupon or link to us along with any information about the terms, and we will add it to our system. You can email us at or just use the email form under the Contact Us tab on the home page.
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How Do I Know If You Have Any Current Promotions Available?
All of our active promotions are listed on the home page under the Today's Specials category. There you will find our daily, weekly and everyday specials.

You will also want to check out our Discounted Items category for a wide selection of already reduced offerings.
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Shipping FAQs

What Does $4.95 Shipping Get Me?
More than you think. That price is a discount, not an excuse for crappy service. Since we are shipping from a centralized location in Kentucky, we've found that we can reach most destinations in the U.S. within about a week (some sooner.) Yes, that includes Hawaii and Alaska. If we are ever delayed in shipping your order, you will get a free gift along with our apologies. Depending on the size, weight and destination of your package, we ship either Priority Mail through the U.S. Postal Service (smaller, lighter packages) or UPS/FedEx ground (larger, heavier packages). If you have a preference on shipping service, let us know and we'll be happy to accommodate you.
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What If I Need My Order In A Hurry?
If you need your order by a certain deadline, let us know immediately and we will do everything possible to expedite your order. If you need next day delivery, we probably can't get it to you in time. Sorry.
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What If I Need To Ship To A Post Office Box?
No problem. If your shipping address is a post office box, we'll just use the U.S. postal service.
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Do You Ship To Other Countries?
It costs more than $4.95, but yes we do. The flat-rate shipping fee for Canada and Mexico is $9.95. The flat-rate fee for other countries is $29.95. It sounds like a lot until you consider that the average international order costs us more than twice what we charge you. We ship all international orders via the U.S. Postal Service. It usually takes two weeks for international orders to arrive in country and work their way through customs. Your country's local postal service takes possession of the box after it goes through customs and makes final delivery.
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Will There Be Customs Fees On My International Order?
That we can't predict. We have heard from some customers who were charged an import tax and others who were not. Your country determines whether and how much you are charged for shipments from the U.S. Any additional fees are levied by them not us. We have no control over their policies, so we encourage you to contact your local customs office before placing your order. They should be able to advise you on what to expect.
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Payment FAQs

Do You Accept Purchase Orders?
Yes, we accept purchase orders from companies and organizations within the United States. You will select Account Number as the payment option when you check out and type in the Purchase Order Number. Then either fax the actual purchase order to us at 866-803-3781 or e-mail it to us at We won't ship until we have the signed purchase order in hand.
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What If My Credit Card Has Been Declined?
It is certainly frustrating when credit card fraud protections work a little too well and won't let you use your own credit card. If your card has been declined, it is usually because there is a typo in your credit card number, the zip code doesn't match the fraud-protection system, or the security code on the back of your card doesn't match the system. If you have confirmed that those things are all correct and the card still won't go through, trying again won't help. You're dealing with a machine, so you'll never convice it to change its mind. The system thinks it is protecting you, so your card will continue to be declined.

At that point your first option, of course, is to simply try a different credit card in hopes of a better result.

If you have a PayPal account, you can select that as your payment option instead of a credit card. They already know you're you, so you'll be all set. If you don't have a PayPal account, PayPal Express will help you set one up when you choose that payment option.

The third thing you can do is select Check as your payment option, and then just mail us a check at Toys of the Trade, 838 E. High St., #289, Lexington, KY 40502. We will ship your order as soon as your check or money order arrives. If you live outside the United States your check has to be payable in US dollars.
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Why Do I Show A Pending Charge After My Card Has Been Declined?
It means the bank issuing your card authorized the charge and put a hold on the funds prior to the credit card processor declining the card. Sounds weird to us, too. It's a function of what is called "real-time credit card processing." If someone had really been trying to misuse your card this pending charge would serve as a warning that something was wrong.

Cards are declined because they fail some automated fraud-control standard. Typically it's a mismatched billing address. It doesn't matter if the address you entered is correct. If it doesn't match the address that is listed in the fraud-control system, your card will not go through. So don't keep trying.

The good news is, the pending charge is just that. It's a temporary hold that will never post as an actual charge. We are notified when a card is declined, so we are able to go into the system and void the transaction. We instruct your bank to immediately release the funds when we do this. If the pending charge lingers, you might try contacting your card so they can go into the system and see that the transaction was voided. That should hasten them releasing the funds.
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Returns FAQs

What Is Your Policy On Returns?
Even though we do our best to describe our sandtray / sandplay miniatures and play therapy tools, we understand that they may not always be what you expected or needed. Feel free to return them within 30 days. We do not require that you justify the return. If it does not work for you it does not work. When you send the item back, it helps if you enclose a copy of your invoice and a note letting us know if you prefer a refund or an exchange. We cannot credit back more than you initially paid for something, so if you only paid $4.95 for shipping that is all we can reimburse on returns. Be aware it will likely cost you more than that even when you use the least expensive shipping option available. We were not kidding when we told you our flat-rate shipping was a serious discount. If you choose to exchange for other items, they will be sent to you without an additional shipping fee.
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What If An Item Is Damaged When It Arrives?
We endeavor to pack our sandtray / sandplay miniatures and play therapy tools well, but occasionally items are damaged in transit. If this happens, please e-mail us ( or telephone us (866-461-2929) to let us know. We will gladly send a replacement. There is no need to return the damaged product.
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What If I Didn't Get What I Ordered?
So sorry when that happens. Just let us know how we goofed and we'll correct it. Call us at 866-461-2929 or e-mail us at
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Privacy FAQ

What Do You Do With My Private Information?
We hate spam, sales calls and junk mail as much as anyone else, so we're not about to share your private information with anyone. Never have. Never will. If you get tired of hearing from us, just tell us and we'll leave you alone, too.
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Creepy and Gross FAQ

What Would I Ever Do With A Pile of Poop?
Or with whiskey bottles, body parts or guns for that matter. That's the thing about sandtray and play therapy toys. It's not always about what you would do as the clinician. The more important question is what would your client do with a pile of poop. As we overheard one play therapist explain to another once, when you ask a kid to pick out figures to represent the people in their lives and they pick out a pile of poop for someone, it's telling.

People whose lives are full of sunshine and smiley faces are generally not the ones who show up in our offices in need of play therapy. We hope they eventually get there, but they certainly don't start out their journeys in such a gleeful place. Nor do they have merely generic, neutral or bland stories to tell through their play or in the sand. Their stories are often ugly and terrifying, and sometimes violent. The great thing about small toys and figures, particularly within the boundaries of a sandtray, is that the miniatures shrink these gigantic problems down to a size that is manageable even for a child. A little gross poop, a little disturbing drugs, a little creepy monster, a little violent weapon or two, a little blood and gore - they're no big problem. In the capable hands of kids they're just bad guys in stories that, with a little help from you, can someday work their way into a happy ending.

It's your basic cognitive-behavioral therapy--just on a kid's level.
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